What’s a hedge fund?

What does yield mean?

What is preferred stock?

When traders use the term long or short, what do they mean?

How swaps work – the absolute basics

Leveraged Finance

What’s a Senior Secured Loan?

What is a high-yield bond?

How student loans become bundled into bonds

What is the yield curve, and how does it work?

How a spinoff works

What is a correction?

What’s an exit strategy?

What is the FDIC?

What does a market maker do?

How to value a company

Corporate inversions

ETFs, explained.

The Collar, explained

Stock split

Net Neutrality, explained.

Stock Buybacks

How hostile takeovers work

Poison Pill


Activist Investors

Net Neutrality – what all the fuss is about

How Herd Immunity works

Dark Pools – what happens here stays here. They hope.

Why the stock market and economy aren’t the same.

The difference between a surplus and a deficit


Dollar Cost Averaging, explained

Corporate Guidance, explained

How does an index fund work?

The Wealth Effect

How to get rich using the magic of compound interest

How borrowing can make you rich

The charitable tax deduction

Writedown. It’s not a good thing.

The root cause of the financial crisis: the CDO

What turns debt into a toxic asset?

What happen to all the loans that banks make?

QE. It’s not a ship, it’s a monetary policy.

Over the counter – the other place to trade

Mark-to-market: the reason your asset may not be worth what you think it is

It’s the call you’ve been dreading – the margin call!

Hedge funds are not the evil dwarves of the financial services industry

Leverage, and deleverage. A simple explainer

Credit default swaps, or CDS, explained

Explaining cramdowns

What’s a bad bank?

Explaining the financial crisis

Tangible Common Equity. What the…?

Shadow banking, explained

The Repo market, explained

How high frequency trading works

Understanding collateral calls

How private equity works

How the FHA works

Why European banks depend on the dollar

Why Europeans (and everyone else) want dollars

Dark Pools

Capital structure

Treasury debt

Factoring, explained

How banks turn junk into gold


Ring fencing

The Yield Curve, explained

Ratings agencies

Secured vs unsecured

Opportunity cost

Proprietary trading, explained

What is LIBOR?

Insider trading, explained

How exchanges work

Defining fiduciary

What’s in a blind trust?

Initial public offerings, or IPOs, explained

Short selling, explained

What’s a junk bond?

Exposure – it’s not always a bad thing

The difference between fiscal and monetary policy

What companies do with all that cash

Bank capital requirements, explained

Flat Money, explained

What’s a haircut?

Explaining the debt ceiling

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