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The hardback US covers for my new book, The Devil’s Half Mile, arrived a couple of weeks ago, but the books have not yet been printed. So I’ve been wrapping the jackets around other books, to get a feel for what the book will look like.

Is that weird? Maybe a little.

The first book I did his with was Only Killers and Thieves, by Paul Howarth. Great book. historical fiction, based in Australia in the late 1800s.

Today it’s a recent favorite of mine, a crime novel called Crimson Lake by Candice Fox. This is a real corker of a book, set in modern day Australia, in the Northern Territory. Candice really brings the place alive. It sounds like it’s hot, wet, lush and teeming with insects. And crime.

She’s got a great couple of characters going here. An acquitted murder suspect who everyone assumes was guilty and an ex-con who doesn’t give a damn. Lots of fun!

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