Greece – By the numbers

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You’re probably a bit confused about what’s going down in Greece. I can’t blame you: it’s a bit of a mind-bender. The government there has announced a referendum on July 5, which looks as though it will amount to a vote on whether Greece stays in the Eurozone or leaves. It’s worth noting, by the way, that even if it does quit the Eurozone, it will remain in the European Union.

Until the results of that vote are in, here are some numbers illustrating the scale of the issues Greece has right now.

Greece – by the numbers:

SIX – the number of days Greek banks will stay closed, reopening on 7 July.

SIXTY – the amount of Euros each person can withdraw from bank ATMs every day.

ZERO –  the amount many Greeks have in their account, due to the government’s failure to pay some workers and pensioners.

1.73 billion  – the amount, in dollars, that Greece is supposed to pay the International Monetary Fund by mid July.

ZERO – the amount that the Greek government says it will pay the IMF by mid July.

ZERO – the amount of difference this will mean to its credit rating, because ratings agencies don’t regard the IMF as a standard creditor, any way.

But then there’s the small issue of….

363 billion – the amount, in dollars, that the Greek government owes all of its creditors.

Will Greek’s problems do a number on the Eurozone?

Watch this space!

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