The Lawless New York Series

When a young black woman is found stabbed and bleeding to death in an alley, both Justy Flanagan, a New York City Marshal, and Kerry O’Toole, a school teacher, decide separately to go after the killer. They each find their way to a shadowy community on the fringes of the growing city, where they uncover a craven political conspiracy bound up with a criminal enterprise that is stunning in its depravity.

“Stellar. … Hirsch makes the most of his setting and has a rich vein of potential future plots to mine. Historical mystery fans will be enthralled.” — Publishers Weekly Starred Review


My name is Paddy Hirsch. I’m the author of the Lawless New York series of historical thrillers, set in New York at the turn of the 18th century. They’re tales of corrupt politics, racial strife, Wall Street trickery, gangs and murder. If you’re a fan of Gangs of New York or Copper, you’ll love these books, which I wrote while I was working full time as a journalist at NPR.


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